Currently we have 2 stallions in our breeding program and one promising youngster coming up for 2019.

all our stallions can be used for purebred Icelandic mares and we will give a discount on stud fees for full evaluated mares.

Lets start with our main Stud here at Vindsdalur…


BLAER is the son of Stigandi fra Leysingjarstoedum (IS1996102815) and the Feykir fra Hafsteinstoedum daughter Birna fra Akureyri( IS198326006).


From the time he climbed out of the transporter just 8 months old his demeanor was regal and flawless…he is the true King of our Farm and we cherish all his offspring. By now we have a few of his daughters in our breeding program and they sure impress us.

Blaer leaves a mark on all of his offspring and is the sire of Best Young Horse Award foal in 2014 and grandsire of  the Best Young Horse Award in 2015. All his kids inherit his amazing good legs, an incredible self carriage and his sweet and friendly character.

as a riding horse he gives this “million Dollar ” feeling of a powerful Toelt and spectacular canter, ground covering walk and secure trot.

he is full evaluated with a 1.Prize for conformation, including 8.5 for Proportions, Legs, Joints and 2.price as a 4 gaited horse, with 8.5 for Gallop and Spirit and 8 for Tolt, General Impression and Walk







andv.2 (2)

11655749_10207017231889640_441352526Midas _o.jpg

Midas fra Vindsdalur








Our second Stallion is –

DRAUMUR fra Vindsdalur, CA2015102573 is the son Svali fra Tjoern, IS2006188415 , who is himself a spectacular Son of World Champion Hnokki fra Fellskoti  

Draumur’s dam is the 1.prize Dama fra Hoeftabakka, who we lost in a tragic accident.

Draumur showed potential right from the start and is developing very well .

His unique bloodlines and great 5 gaits, including natural supple tolt make him an interesting  breeding stallion  for many mares.


Draumur as a 2 year old



and now  Summer ’18 , 3 years old