Our mares are the backbones of our breeding and since we had to retire some of the full evaluated mares in the last years we are happy to see some of their offspring growing up and taking their place.

To fill  empty spots of  mares lost  we were able to purchase a very talented young mare in Iceland and she is traveling to Canada in foal to one of the amazing stallions over there !

Here now the group of Ladies …

                 ~ ROTHADIS fra SandMeadows ~ US 2001201756, the Queen

 Daughter of Garpur fra Audsholtshjaleigu, IS 19951256106 and the great Hervar daughter Hera fra Hofi, IS1991256106.

Garpur got 1.prize for Offspring as a just 8 year old and a full evaluation of 8.39 , Hera got a final score of 8.10 with rideability of 8.35.

1371468_10207097643628659_246740442_n (2)

Rothadis and her gorgeous daughter Gloria

No wonder Rothadis turned out to be a great riding horse and broodmare

Evaluated with a 1.prize for Conformation, with 8.5 for Neck, Shoulder ,Hooves and Spirit and all other scores 8 – she gives way above average offspring like Midas and Gloria fra Vindsdalur

Rosi (as she is called) is in foal to Blaer fra SandMeadows and we cant wait…


Rothadis on her breeding evaluation

CSC_9109 (3)

Winter 2017- she still “got it “

fohlen ,Blaer ,Von june '11 004

Midas fra Vindsdalur – one of her gorgeous sons


Next in line ,and a fabulous broodmare on her own

                                ~ DJASN fra Vindsdalur ~ CA2008202247

Daughter of Stigandi fra Leysingjarstoedum IS1996156333,

and the powerful Eldur fra Stora Hofi daughter Ugla fra Stekkjardal ,IS 1986256524

Djasn is not only halfsister to  Blaer but also the only direct offspring of Ugla, who was for many years our prime broodmare and my favourite riding horse.

That leaves Djasn in a special spot – That and the fact that she produces incredible offspring, who will leave a mark


Djasn and her gorgeous son Frothi fra Vindsdalur

Djasn is full evaluated with 8,5 for Leg quality, Joint Correctness, as well as Trot and Gallop and 8 for Spirit, Canter and proportions.

she is well trained, with a strong tolt and more pace then she showed at that insanely hot evaluation day ( it was +35C ..) , powerful like her mother with good control …a true Icelandic powerhouse

Djasn 1 (2)

12021778_10207876533540420_226472865_n Powerful Djasn…


and her impressive Son…

we cant wait what she is going to give next…

And then there is ~

                                 ~ ELZTA fra Vindsdalur~ CA2013202475 ,

a promising Blaer Daughter out of the full evaluated Ugla daughter Osk fra Vindsdalur ,CA2002201688.

Osk got a nice 2.prize for conformation and rideability with 8,5 for croup and back and 8 for Neck, Proportions, Legs as well as Trot, Spirit, General Impressions, Walk and Canter.

Elzta is a gorgeous young mare who got started as a 4 year old and will get back into training and hopefully evaluation as a 5 year old.

in the meantime we could not resists and bred her to the charming Lukku Laki Son Bragi fra Solheimar,  IS2012158855, who we co-owned with Hanna Dilts for several months.

Elzta’s daughter Mist fra Vindsdalur  exceeds our expectation and we plan to keep her in our breeding .


this little girl melted our hearts – Mist and her gorgeous Mom Elzta…

Elzta shows lots of Blaer’s great attributes like great muscle tonus, excellent self carriage and those typical Blaer legs… and enough Expression to spare  !


Elzta as a 2 year old…she knows she is pretty …


her natural Tolt – supple and in perfect form as a 2 year old !

it will be exciting to see what the future holds for her …with more training we have high hopes..


Elzta in the beginning of her training fall’17

Our newest addition ..

                                     ~ EILIFF fra Blesastadir ,IS 2014287806,

Daughter of famous Krakur fra Blesastadir ,IS 2002187812 , and the Orri fra Pufu Daughter Hrafnkatla fra Blesastadir, IS 206287805


Krakur got 1.prize for progeny and with over 650 offspring – so its about time there is one in Canada !

Both of Eilif’s parents got incredible evaluation scores and while she still needs to get more training and then her own evaluation – we are over the moon to add her and her lineage to our breeding.

on top of that she is in foal to SKYR fra Skalakot,IS 2007184162 ,who got evaluation scores of 8.70 overall ,was Landsmot qualified in Breeding and Sport several times and who as well does not have any offspring in Canada.

We are excited…

Eilif oct 17 received_486418038403767 (1)
Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 12.31.17 PM[225]