Horses for Sale

Selling horses means finding the perfect match.

for the person – AND for the horse.

We will try to find the right one for you – if not from our own breeding, we will assist you to get the perfect teammate either in North America or Iceland

our Young ones can be purchased – and we offer to raise them at our farm, in herd society with the care they need according their age –

but  we like to get them a good solid start into life with some training and experience

if you like to buy a foal or untrained Youngster we would need some experience with Icelandics…

right now we have only 2 mares for sale, but expect several foals in 2019 and can keep you updated what is becoming available.

So have a look !


This gorgeous young mare is a worthwhile project for an experienced Icelandic horse person –

HUGSYN fra Vindsdalur, CA2016202623 , a gorgeous Blaer daughter and out of Osk fra Vindsdalur, CA2002201688,

she is the young sister to Elzta fra Vindsdalur,one of our broodmares and mother of the little Pinto Girl Mist fra Vindsdalur.

Like Elzta Hugsyn is well developed , shows 5 gaits with supple wide movements ,lots of speed and balance way above her age

IMG_7502 (3)

Hugsyn 2 years old …gorgeous topline included …

hugsyn3One of the cutest foals one can find she now got lots of expression – and tries very hart to overcome her initial shyness…

dealing with her just melts your heart..



Hugsyn this summer…

IMG_7505 (2)

one fine Sunday afternoon…showing off a bit of talent…

if you look for a promising project for showing and breeding – Hugsyn could easily fill that bill.

her price till 2019


Just get in touch if you want more information


and for THE right person…

Elzta fra Vindsdalur,CA2013202475,  is for sale – because we want to keep her gorgeous daughter – and can’t keep them all .


Elzta was carefully started as a 4 year old and will get back into training when her foal is weaned. She shows great promise as a broodmare and riding horse – a perfect project for someone who wants to get her ready for Breed evaluation and showing.

Elzta likes to be the only horse – she bonds rather with a person then with  a herd, and absolutely loves being worked with and getting challenged.

her price will go up with training – so now is the time to check her out

12,000 Cad

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 12.31.17 PM[225]