Cashmere Goats

Our Cashmere goats are a big part of Vindsdalur –

First, they produce luxurious Cashmere fibre, perfect to mix with any other fibre like wool and alpaca, second they are the most fun animals to keep around – and third – they go very well together with horses in pasture management.

Like our horses they come with an substantial pedigree with high fibre Champion producer in their lineage.

We are building our herd up again, therefor will keep any female kids for a while, but all buck kids will be available from 2019 kidding season on.

They make perfect pets and produce just as great fibre.


Cashmere fibre will be available in the Spring 2019 – if you are interested its a good idea to book your ounce – or more – ahead of time, we are still limited in our production.