Breeding …where to begin….

Breeding Icelandic Horses is a passion we follow for many years and hope to keep up for many more to come ~ there is nothing like sitting for the first time on a horse which one planed and hoped for,  saw growing up and got to know as a playful foal and get the first feel as a riding horse…

Breeding Icelandic Horses since early 90′ we have not changed our breeding goal – we breed what we like to ride –  supple, friendly 4 or 5 gaited horses, who can be Family companions and Show horses at the same time.

we cherish  great work ethic in our horses together with powerful hint end mechanics,  elastic shoulders for free movements as well as speed in all gaits with easy control, soft mouths and necks for great self carriage and  tact ….

and above all a character that allows a good partnership.

There ! that’s not too much to ask for ,isn’t it ?

please check out our Broodmares and Stallions – either evaluate or in the process of .

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