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16th October,2018

Our webpage is “out there” and got good reviews. Very happy about this …whatever I publish is a bit a piece of me …and this webpage was a steep learning curve…

BUT – More important then that – we are getting closer to get our 2 new mares home!

while our young and oh so exciting Krakur Daughter Eilif fra Blesastadir got stuck in NY – the proff. Transporter had trailer issues which needed welding – Aluminum welding to be precise…and that happened over the Long Weekend in the US.

Of course the shop he finally found had size and welding issues…my patient got tested.

Eilif was still not picked up – and I did not even have a timeline.

Cant Thank dear friends in NY enough for looking after her, liking her – and sending me pictures of her enjoying her pasture time.

Today the trailer is on the road again and there is hope to get her into Canada by the end of this week…all fingers crossed.

since the tail end of a major Hurricane just dumped what feels like a complete lake of water on us – Eilif is not missing much right .

As a thank you for the long wait – another new mare who is coming for her initial tolt training and then maybe search for her person on our sales list – will catch a ride with our Transporter  and will arrive with Eilif .

We hope the corals and pastures dry out before their arrival …can’t wait ! 🙂