About Us

About us….
growing up in Germany with the typical dressage education we moved to Canada in 1994 and established  Vindsdalur Icelandic horse farm. We helped creating a riding school curriculum and taught it for several years, organized some of the first  Breed Evaluations – and attended all – in BC, as well as several sport shows and were the first farm in BC to only breed with fully evaluated horses.

We trained countless Icelandic horses, from our own farm and for other breeder as well.

In the spring of 2018 we packed up the farm – horses and goats included – left BC and the beautiful farm in Falkland to move across the country and settle in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.


Our new home in Nova Scotia. Pasture heaven!

While we were fortunate to purchase an old 100-acre farm with great and large pastures, trails and ancient barns we are still in the process to get the setup just the way we want it… and it might be an ongoing project…at least for a while….

Seeing our horses happy in lush pastures sure makes it worthwhile!

We aim to offer clinics and support for Icelandic horse enthusiasts in the Maritimes, and mainly focus on breeding now. We will still start our young horses, but for the next step we partner with trainers and send them off for further training and evaluation.
We are excited about our promising young mares and stallions and plan to expand our breeding program. Always a big supporter of Breed Evaluations the Youngsters will get ready for this big milestone when the time comes.

We are excited to start our new enterprise here in the Maritimes and welcome you to visit us and follow Vindsdalur on Facebook.
Lisi Ohm and Dan Booth


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