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Welcome to Vindsdalur Icelandic Horse Farm !

Settling now in beautiful Nova Scotia we are working hard to offer you an Icelandic Hub in the Maritimes.

From Breeding quality horses to offer Clinics and well trained horses for sale – or the promising Youngsters for experienced owners – we also want to offer a spot to meet other Icelandic Horse enthusiasts in a relaxed environment.

On top of this we are excited to be an official Hrimnir Equipment Dealer from 2019 on! We are now able to offer you the saddles, bridles and bits we use ourselves – and believe in their quality.

Looking forward to meet as many of the Maritimes Icelandic Horse people – feel welcome to join the Facebook Group ” Icey People in the Maritimes ” to get connected.

Before we want to welcome you to browse more of our page –

a short Thank You to the people who allowed us to use their photos of our horses …could not done it without you – Hanna Langhanki, Hanna Dilts, Lucy Nold , just to name a few…