At Vindsdalur Icelandic Horse Farm we have over 30 years of experience training horses in Canada, Germany and Iceland, and nearly 20 years of training exclusively Icelandic horses. Vindsdalur Trainer Jelena Ohm, a third year graduate of Holar College in Iceland, is now one of North America's very few Certified Icelandic Horse Trainers.

We start training all our horses using natural horsemanship and the “skala of dressage”. Each horse is then trained based on their individual pace and ability to build up their trust, strength, balance and flexibility.

Young Rider Tutor Program

One of our main goals is to promote and support young riders, who are enthusiastic about Icelandic horses. We are aware that buying a quality and promising Icelandic Horse can come with a bit of a price tag - which might hinder a Young Rider to get the right quality of horse - or does end the dream of owning one.

To support youth in our breed we decided to offer the YOUNG RIDER Tutor program. This program is designed for the Youth rider in the age between 12 and 25 years old, who is already a rider (we don't have beginner horses) and wishes to show, improve and/or breed in the future. For those who qualify we will offer a 20% rebate of our prices. This includes evaluated mares, trained or untrained horses.

What do YOU have to do to qualify?

First, you have to get in touch with us, tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for in your horse.

The next step is to write us a short, simple essay about your riding background, your experience with Icelandics and what you would like to do and achieve in the future.

We also would like to know if you have possibilities for instructions, are able to go to clinics, things like that.

If we have the horse you are looking for and it becomes Yours, we would like to hear from you and your journey with the horse, the ups and downs... and we would like to have some "bragging rights" about you!

Interested? Get in touch with us...