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♦ While 2015 was a great year with amazing foals and fun rides tragedy struck in mid December. We lost our gorgeous first prize mare Fjoedur fra Hofstoedum to a severe colic and her unborn foal died with her. She was in foal to Blaevar fra Vindsdalur. She will live on in oGloria fra Vindsdalurur memories.

♦ 2016 started with mild winter weather, incredible lots of snow, and theamazing news that our Gloria fa Vindsdalur, born May 2015, out of Rothadis fra Sand Meadows and daughter of our own Blaevar fra Vindsdalur had won the "Best Young Horse of North America Award for 2015". This Award is given out by Martina Gates and "The Studbook of North America" (Thorunn Kristiansdottir) and we feel incredibly honored to receive it this year. This is the second time that a Blaer offspring got this award - in 2014 Alfur fra Fitjamyir, the son of Blaer (out of Sida fra Fitjamyri) won, and now in 2015 his grand-daughter Gloria... we could not be happier with his progeny.


Hnokki♦ 2015 has shaped up to be quite amazing, with 3 very promising foals from Dama (1st prize mare), Rothadis (2nd prize, 1st prize conformation) and Hrima (2nd prize, 1st prize conformation).

Hrima's Hnokki is a Blaevar son. He shows high speed, 5 gaits, wide action and shelf carriage, and he will turn grey... He looks already like a little bodybuilder and "runs the show".

Blaevar's daughter Gloria out of Rothadis is an impressive tolting machine with a sweet disposition, 5 clear separated gaits and already an amazing form.

Draumur Gloria

Dama's son Draumur (dream) is the offspring of Svali fra Tjoern - the only one of this high evaluated stallion in West Canada - which makes Draumur the grandson of Hnokki fra Fellskoti, the World Champion for Tolt in Berlin 2013... no wonder we think its a dream to have him. He is now smokey black - just a little side note of this 5 gaited guy.


♦ FEIF Breeding Evaluation, Canada 2015

This year's evaluation (at Fitjamyri Icelandic Horse Farm/Vernon) was blessed with moderate warm weather - compared to the +35C of the last years. Hanna/Baldur Icelandics and myself/Vindsdalur presented 3 stallions, 1 mare and one foal - and we are happy with the results!

Blaer got full evaluated with 1st prize for conformation, 2nd prize for rideabilities (4 gaited) and a nice 2nd prize overall - with 8s and 8.5s and great comments. See his full evaluation results.

3 of Blaer's offsprings got presented for conformation (they are all 4years old) and his first granddaughter!

Midas fra Vindsdalur (Blaer/Rothadis fra Sand Meadows) sure travelled the farthest, coming up from California with his owner Lucy Nold. He impressed with impeccable behaviour, stunning build and high scores, including 8.5 for back/croup, proportions and joints! Due to this looong haul his legs were not as dry as they usually are, which got him a lower score then expected and left his overall conformation at 7.96 ~ he will be 1st prize the next time around!

Blaevar fra Vindsdalur (Blaer/Osk fra Vindsdalur) put his best behaviour forward, looked stunning and got impressive results, including 8.5 for neck and shoulder and back and croup - if he just would have trotted on the lead it would have gotten him a better Correction of joints score - but we are very happy with his 8.05 conformation score! Blaevar is now enjoying the summer with our 1st prize mares Fjoedur and Dama.

Dukka fra Vindsdalur (Blaer/Hrima fra Sigurdson) was shown by her new owner Hanna and she presented herself almost too pretty... also earning 8.5 for head, neck and shoulder. Dukka got an 8.07 conformation score - its now in writing that she is gorgeous!

Congratulations to the owners - we are sure we will see more of those pairs!

On Sunday Gloria fra Vindsdalur (Blaevar/Rothadis fra Sand Meadows ) was shown in the Young horse Evaluation - 4 weeks old, a sweet courageous little girl, tolting up a storm. She got 88.46 for character, 74.43 for gaits and 74.66 overall - a very nice score considering her young age.

Thanks again to the Faber family for putting up - again - such an work intense event!




♦ 2014 was an incredible year for us - thanks to great fortune and the support of fellow breeders we were able to add two First Prize mares to our breeding program! Those are the 5 gaited mare Fjoedur fra Hofsstoedum (IS 2001235983), a Hroedur fra Refstoedum Daughter (Honor prize for Progeny ~ with rideability score of 8.69 on Landsmot Fjoedur2000) and out of a Gaski fra Hofsstoedum daughter. Fjoedur herself qualified for the 5 year old Mare Group on Landsmot 2006, which makes her the only Landsmot shown mare in Canada! Her bloodlines are of course stellar - she is the only Hroedur daughter in Canada and combines the bloodlines of Kolfinnur fra Kjarnholtum, Gaski fra Hofsstoedum and Nattfari fra Ytra - Dalsgerdi. We are very excited to see what foals she will produce in the future.

DamaThe other Mare is Dama fra Hoefdabakka (IS 2003255354), a Gammur fra Steinnesi Daughter (Gammur has over 480 offsprings in Worldfengur, he was shown twice in Gaedingar Classes on Landsmot) out of a Gustur fra Grund daughter. Dama is also great 5 gaited mare with even gait distribution and just as impressive conformation. Dama combines the incredible bloodlines of Kjarval fra Saudarkrok, Gustur fra Grund and Orri fra Pufu - and the Cherry on the cake is, she is in Foal to Svali fra Tjoern ( IS 2006188415) who received a rideability score of 8.41 - and is the amazing son of Hnokki fra Fellskoti, the World Champion of the Berlin World Championship!

Check both mares out under Breeding and see their full pedigree and evaluation scores. Thanks again to the generous breeders who made this addition possible for us!

♦ This summer is a hot and dry one and we managed in the heat of it all to present Djasn fra Vindsdalur for breeding evaluation. Djasn is 6 years old this year, decided to be in full heat on the evaluation weekend and not in her prime! Nevertheless she took some 8.5 scores home for trot and gallop. Her full evaluation scores are now on her page. Djasn will meet Gladur fra Creekside Farm next spring and become a mother, before we get her back on track to finally earn the scores she deserves.

Von was also ready to show her talents and sadly got injured just a few days prior. We value her too much to push her through an exhausting event just for scores. She is healing well and will get back into the game next year!

♦ We also took Hrima's son Jaki fra Vindsdalur to the young horse evaluation and he came back with lots of high marks! His sweet disposition and supple, wide 5 gaits make sure he remains a stallion prospect for now.

♦ This was the 2. Evaluation where Vindsdalur and Baldur Icelandics teamed up and showed horses together (Hanna riding Djasn and presenting also Jaki and Elzta for Vindsdalur ) and we made it an official IANA event (Icelandic horse Alliance of North America. So in the future look out for the "GOT TOLT?" bright blue slogan ~ and check out the article in the Summer "TOLT NEWS" featuring our new Alliance!

♦ Have a look at our 2013 foals - they are for sale!

Horses for sale! We are starting several of Blaer’s offspring this fall and are offering some for sale - please get in touch for more information about:

ALVAR (last Ugla) offspring he is super tall, elegant, 5 gaited Gelding and very pretty!!! His large movements and great expression makes him a great show prospect! Alvar is for sale (and probably 14 hands 2 ...).

DUKKA (daughter of Hrima) she remains “the doll” and now loves the attention of some light work and first learning.

MIDAS (son of Rothadis) dark red, tons of mane and wide floating movements - Midas spent the summer south of the border and met some mares - he is for sale to the right buyer.

BLAEVAR - (son of Osk) we THOUGHT he is for sale - he is not! Blaevar also bred mares and we are awaiting the 2015 foaling season! He is tall (Osk's first foal!), well developed, shows incredible well set tolt and wide, fast trot. We are hoping to keep him as the next stallion prospect. His full sister ELZTA (born 2013), a gorgeous “red head “ is for sale - let us know if you are looking for a promising young mare.



Ivar is sold! Happy Trails to his new owner!

Jelena Ohm will be here for the 2013 Evaluation in Vernon, BC. She still has a few openings for presenting horses, please get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Jelena will also teach a clinic at Fitjamyri Icelandic Horse Farm right after the Evaluation. For more information please get in touch with Arnold Faber, who is hosting this clinic.

Congratulations to the new owners of our beauty queen Snaeja. We are happy to announce that beauty queen Snaeja will move to her new home this spring. She will be one of the foundation broodmares of an up and coming new Canadian breeding farm and we feel honored to be able to supply a quality and proven mare! Happy trails for her and her new owner and lots of pretty, healthy foals!



♦ In May 2012 we participated in the International Breeding Evaluation in Vernon BC. Some of our horses had their first public appearence and left a mark! Frida fra Vindsdalur was shown by her new owner Hanna Dilts. Although still an untrained 4 year old, Frida scored 7.89 for conformation. Frida sure surprised us, and she just loved the attention and
behaved very well. Congrats to her new owner, I'm sure we will see more of this couple.

Blaer fra Sand Meadow also got presented for conformation and we were thrilled when he received a score of 8.08, the highest conformation score of all stallions on this evaluation - and the only 4 year old. Included were an 8.0 for neck and shoulders, a 8.5 for proportions and a 9.0 for legs!MidasBlaevar

Blaer's sons Blaevar and Midas then wowed thejudges and the crowd with a stellar performance of speed, long high steps and great suspension. Their impressive show resulted in this remark from the judges, "Congratulations, this is quite a promising young horse!"

Blaevar and Midas just loved to show their moves, hardly touching the ground and flying in high speed around the arena. Their scores sure prove that these are great stallion prospects.

♦ Vindsdalur got featured as one of six leading breeding farms in North America in this year's "Icelandic Horse Studbook of North America" (Page 27-39). www.theicelandicstudbook.com



Foals, foals, foals! Our foals from the spring are growing! These are all offspring of Blaer fra Sand Meadow's. His foals (his first) make looking at the pasture a great Kindergarden like experience! They are all looking promising, with tons of tolt, great carriage and lightness in their frontend - just what we hoped to get from Blaer.

We got 3 colts from Ugla, Osk and Rothadis (Osk and Rothadis are first time moms and adapting perfectly) and 2 adorble fillies out of Hrima and Snaeja. The boys look stunning in all shades of red, the girls glitter in the colour department - Dukka (means "doll" out of Hrima ) will turn grey and little Raudhetta ("little red riding hood" out of Snaeja ) explains her name - she is a red/white pinto with a beautiful red head.

Click here to see images our the 2011 foals.



Vindsdalur was featured in the HorseJournals.com. The September 2010 feature article on HorseJournals.com was all about Icelandic horses. Lisi Ohm, owner and trainer of Vindsdalur Icelandic Horse Farms was interviewed for the article and provided insight into Icelandics, both in Iceland and Canada. Here is an exert of the article. "... The Icelandic horse was extremely important to the new Viking settlers and remained key to their survival for hundreds of years. "They were used for everything, from transportation, to rounding up sheep and horses in the rough highlands, packing hay and other goods, and also providing meat," explains Lisi Ohm, who breeds Icelandics at her Vinsdalur Icelandic Horse Farm in Vanderhoof, BC. ..."



Osk fra VindsdalurInternational Breeding Evaluation in Vanderhoof, BC. The International Breeding Evaluation in Vanderhoof, BC went well! Thanks to judges John Siiger Hansen and Herdis Reynisdottir for taking such a long trip!

Several breeders from all over BC took the chance to show their horses - sometimes for the second time, and it paid off, since all already shown horses improved! From 11 presented horses 6 got first prize for conformation! No wonder everybody was in a good mood! Jelena did a great job presenting all Vindsdalur mares - thank, it would have not worked without you!

Read more about this event hosted by Vindsdalur.



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