Rothadis fra Sand Meadow -US2001201756-

Rothadis fra Sand Meadow 2009 EvaluationRothadis is the daughter of famous Garpur fraAudsholtshjaleigu,who receivedfirst prize for offsprings in 2004. Garpur is a son of Orri fra Pufu and just asfamous Hildur fra Gardabae, whose rideability score of 8.62 and overall of 8.39 puts him in the highest level of stallions in Iceland. Rothadis' mother Hera fra Hofi also earned first prize scores and her sire Hervar 963 fra Saudarkroki is one of the most famous sires in Iceland.

Rothadis' pedigree alone is remarkable, and together with her high willingness, soft tactclear tolt and powerful gallop she is a dream breeding horse!

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Rothadis fra Sand Meadow breeding

Rothadis fra Sand Meadow 2009 Evaluation

Rothadis' foal Gloria (shown below), born in May 2015 out of Blaevar fra Vindsdalur, won the "Best Young Horse of North America Award for 2015". This Award is given out by Martina Gates and "The Studbook of North America" (Thorunn Kristiansdottir) and we feel incredibly honored to receive it this year for Gloria.

Rothadis fra Sand Meadow with foal Gloria



Gloria fra Vindsdalur
Midas fra Vindsdalur







ORRI FRA PUFU -[ISL]86186055- 












Hildur fra Garabae -IS1985225005 











Hervar fra Sauarkroki-IS1976157003 





Hera fra Hofi







Gjota fra Hofi-IS1985256002