fjoedur fra hofsstoedum (IS 2001235983)

Fjoedur is a 5 gaited mare, born in Iceland and presented at Landsmot 2006 in the 5 year old Mare group, rider Mette Manseth. Dark red, with incredible large beautiful eyes, with a very respectful personality and of course impeccable to deal with. She most likely carries a pinto gene from her mother’s side. She is the daughter of Honor prize stallion Hroedur fra Refsstoedum, and we are over the top happy to have his bloodlines in our breeding program!

Hroedur was the star of the 5 year old Stallions on Landsmot 2000 with the rideability score of 8.69 and has produced amazing offsprings in Iceland - having one of his daughters is a breeder’s dream… especially when the dam of this daughter is out of the just as amazing Gaski fra Hofsstoedum line - one of our all time favourite stallions!

Fjoedur herself got a stunning conformation (8.21) and an overall 1st prize (8.08), her BLUB (112) is one of  the highest in all Canada - a true gem to breed with - we consider ourselves extremely lucky! In Fjoedur the bloodlines of Kolfinnur fra Kjarnholum, Gaski fra Hofsstoedum and Nattfari fra Ytra Dalsgerdi combine - all true Icelandic Royalties.

Fjoedur is bred to Blaevar fra Vindsdalur for a 2015 foal and we hope to breed her then to Gladur fra Creekside.

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Currently in foal.


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