Dama fra Hoefdabakka (IS 20032 55 354)

Dama fra Hoefdabakka~ First Prize for Conformation and Rideability

5 gaited mare, born in Iceland, red, carries the pinto gene from her Sire’s side and got a BLUB score of 108. Dama is friendly, easy to deal with and appears almost like a "kid’s horse" until in full training when her great willingness starts to show - just the mix we like.

She is a positive mare and quite high in the herd hierarchy. Dama came to us in Foal to Svali fra Tjoern (IS 2006188415), son of Hnokki fra Fellskoti, who received an evaluation score of 8.23 with rideabilities of 8.41!

We can’t wait to see what she will produce!

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Currently in foal.


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