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Raudhetta fra VindsdalurRaudhetta fra VindsdalurAndvari fra Vindsdalur CA 2013102476

S: Blaer fra Sand Meadow
D: Snaeja fra Asi

Son of Blaer fra Sand Meadow (US2008103875) and Snaeja fra Asi (IS 1996286573). Andvari is a very self assured, 5 gaited boy, extremely well developed and muscular. He carries himself very well, shows lots of tolt and supple trot. His rare colour (palomino pinto) sure adds to the flashy picture - he will leave a big impression wherever he goes!


Midas fra VindsdalurMidas fra VindsdalurElzta fra Vindsdalur CA 2013202475

S: Blaer fra Sand Meadow
D: Osk fra Vindsdalur

Daughter of Blaer fra Sand Meadow and Osk fra Vindsdalur (CA2002201688) she is the full sister to Blaevar fra Vindsdalur (CA 2011102407) and show lots of potential! Tons of mane, tolt ,great carriage, friendly like all Blaer offsprings - for sure a little girl worth paying attention to in the future.


Dukka fra VindsdalurDukka fra VindsdalurJaki fra Vindsdalur CA 2013102473

S: Kongur fra Kjartanstoedum
D: Hrima fra Sigurdssons Icelandic Horses

Son of Hrima fra Sigurdson (US 1997202435) and Kongur fra Kjartanstoedum (IS 2005187341), he is a dark grey beauty with 5 wide gaits, a gorgeous conformation and easy, friendly disposition.

Jaki was presented at the 2014 Young Horse Evaluation and got much praise from the judges!
His bloodline is unique to Western North America